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Pond North LLP is dedicated to serving and defending its clients in a wide spectrum of matters. The Firm’s principal practice area is the defense of complex toxic tort and mass tort claims with specialized experience in cases dealing with the respiratory and central nervous systems. In addition, the Firm’s principals, Frank Pond and Christine North, and lawyers have regularly and successfully defended their clients’ interests in environmental claims (State, Federal, CERCLA, Proposition 65, and traditional environmental torts); products liability claims; accident injury claims; medical malpractice claims; and construction and property damage claims. The Firm also has significant experience providing the defense in employment law matters and in prosecuting and defending contractual and commercial disputes primarily relating to the entertainment and transportation industries.

Pond North LLP’s client base is a mix of Fortune 50 companies, Fortune 500 companies, and “Mom and Pop” companies and stems from both direct appointment by corporate General Counsel and insurance company assignment. In the toxic and mass tort context, with special reference to asbestos claims, the Firm serves its clients on national, regional and local levels. Frank Pond and Christine North are well-respected trial lawyers having collectively taken a significant number of cases to trial with successful verdicts in California and in various other states. They also serve as national and strategic counsel for various of their clients and both have spoken at a number of asbestos and other toxic tort related seminars.

All of the Partner-level lawyers at Pond North LLP have successful trial experience with several of them having a significant number of trials started and to verdict.

Pond North LLP has offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California and, at present, a New England satellite office in southern Massachusetts. Pond North LLP is technologically proficient in that all documents and files are electronically stored and shared between its offices. Pond North LLP’s lawyers are fully licensed to practice in California, Massachusetts, Colorado, Arizona, Virginia, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New York and the District of Columbia and provisionally (asbestos tort cases) in Oregon.

The firm has a substantial and growing real estate practice focused on commercial acquisitions, development, management and leasing.


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